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1800-3000 sq ft

One truck estimated $2,000-$4,000

Medium security

SP exhibit techs on site for installation

Host venue is responsible for lighting

Berlin Specimen -
Archaeopteryx lithographica
Arguably the most important and
beautiful fossil ever discovered

Dinosaurs will be taken to new heights in this upcoming traveling exhibition - engaging visitors at the intersection of art and science. Six renowned artists from around the world are providing a glimpse into their studios and practices as they bring this iconic “missing link” back to life. Silver Plume Exhibitions, the production team behind the acclaimed traveling exhibition “Hatching the Past,” is teaming up with the design and scientific minds from the Yale Peabody Museum of Natural History to bring this unique exhibition to you.

Exhibition features over 50 pieces of original artwork, murals, sculptures, research grade replicas of Archaeopteryx, collection of real fossils representing the Solnhofen flora and fauna, video interviews, interactive components, and more.

Jurassic Edan Jurassic Eden by Mark Hallett